Phech Colatat
   PhD Candidate (expected June 2014)
   MIT Sloan School of Management

   100 Main Street, E62-359
   Cambridge, MA 02142
   pcolatat [at] mit [dot] edu
   (617) 299-1154



I am an organizational and economic sociologist with interests in healthcare, R&D and strategy.  Currently, I am a PhD student at the MIT Sloan School of Management where I am affiliated with Economic Sociology and Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management (TIES) in the Behavioral and Policy Sciences (BPS) group.  

In my dissertation, I study the diagnosis of autism and how it is affected by organizational and social network processes.  My work is motivated by alarming trends in the research in autism epidemiology - the increase in prevalence estimates and spatial clustering of autism cases.  I apply insights from sociology and organization theory to understand the social aspects of ASD diagnosis at Kaiser Permanente and, in the process, contribute to scholarly theories in organizational sociology, medical sociology and social epidemiology.  In a second stream of research, I examine the research funding and management approach one US federal funding agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  My research has been supported by an MIT Sloan Fellowship, an MIT Energy Initiative Fellowship, the Simons Center for the Social Brain and the National Science FoundationMy advisor is Ezra Zuckerman and I work closely with Ray Reagans, Susan Silbey, and Michael Piore.  

Research interests include: economic sociology; organizational theory; organizational learning; social networks; science, technology & innovation; medical sociology; social epidemiology


PhD, MIT, Sloan School of Management (expected June 2014)
SM, MIT, Engineering Systems
MEng, Cornell University, Engineering Management
BS, Cornell University, Civil and Environmental Engineering